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How to Pitch a New Idea to Your Nonprofit: Practical advice from successful change champions

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9/30/21: How to Pitch a New Idea to Your Nonprofit: Practical advice from successful change champions

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Vice Chairman of the Board, Stop Soldier Suicide, Co-founder of GoodUnited
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Let’s face it - a different set of rules governs nonprofits than our corporate peers who are celebrated when they embrace an idea only to “fail faster”. 

Fail faster? Not an option. 
Suggest something new? 
Pitch a new approach? 
Stop doing something we’ve always done?
Ask why we’ve always done it that way? 

Those are dollars earmarked for the mission you’re talking about. There’s nothing cavalier about it. Our mission is depending on us to do what we've always done. To raise what we always raise (or more), the way we’ve always done it. If the way we’ve always done it has delivered predictable results, why would we jeopardize our fundraising goals?

Sound familiar?

In an industry lauded for doing more with less, and often penalized for investing in ourselves, suggesting something new, questioning why or offering a new way is intimidating.  Yet, some of our peers do it, and do it well. I bet you know at least one successful Change Champion. Heck, I’ve been one. How do they do it? How did I do it? I’ve been asked this question numerous times since joining GoodUnited so we’re devoting an episode to this topic.

Let’s ask: How do successful change agents introduce, pilot and advocate new ideas within their organization? Whether it requires Board buy-in or colleagues to cooperate with budgets, teams or time, how can we introduce new ideas so our often change-adverse colleagues can hear us?

Let’s dig in to unpack how to think differently about championing change, and uncover techniques that make change agents successful. I’ll hop in the time machine and answer these questions myself. [And yes, it cost me something. I’ll talk about that too.] 

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How to Find Supporters when No One Knows You...Yet!

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Founder, CEO and Author, Turnkey Partners
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CEO, The John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health
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Founder, Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders

This episode focused on sharing ideas for cultivating a community of supporters no matter how small your nonprofit or how niche your cause.

Apple does not have a brand awareness problem. I bet you recognize a Nike logo every time you see it. The same goes for brand-name nonprofits who have household name brand recognition and a cause that is broad, deep and well understood. 

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Meet the People Behind Susan G. Komen’s New Facebook Community

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The Susan G. Komen team, like all organizations, had to pivot quickly in 2020 to amplify revenue as in-person events were canceled. They believed there was an audience that had simply not been asked to donate in a way that resonated with them, or even engaged where they actually spend time— on social media. Hear how this forward-thinking team used Facebook Challenges to not only raise more revenue, but also acquire thousands of new supporters for ongoing cultivation.

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About The Series

Working at a nonprofit is hard.

Let’s face it: if you’re a passionate, smart, decisive leader, you could make more money working anywhere other than a nonprofit. To make matters more complicated, you’re passionate about a cause and tasked with enlisting others to join the fight, but consistently asked to do more with less. 

When I joined GoodUnited after 30+ years at the the American Cancer Society, my stated mission was to evangelize the third wave of giving on social media.

Several months in, I realized my mission is bigger than that.

I need to evangelize the work of nonprofits both to encourage their leaders to keep innovating despite circumstances that often disincentivize it, and to evangelize their experiences for the community at large.

Let’s lean in, listen to great ideas, and learn from the innovators who took them from concept to creation.

About Your Host

My friends called me the "president of cancer" for years because of my passion for the cause and commitment to my job.  I spent 33 years at the American Cancer Society, leading strategy, planning and implementing name-brand events like Relay For Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

I also tried and tested new digital strategies to support community and 1:1 fundraising. It was this area of my old role that led me to my new role at GoodUnited. Now, I have the chance to embrace the mission of many causes and champion the third wave of giving as we move from online giving and email to giving on social media and communities built through 1:1 conversational messaging.

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