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About The Series

Working at a nonprofit is hard.

Let’s face it: if you’re a passionate, smart, decisive leader, you could make more money working anywhere other than a nonprofit. To make matters more complicated, you’re passionate about a cause and tasked with enlisting others to join the fight, but consistently asked to do more with less. 

When I joined GoodUnited after 30+ years at the the American Cancer Society, my stated mission was to evangelize the third wave of giving on social media.

Several months in, I realized my mission is bigger than that.

I need to evangelize the work of nonprofits both to encourage their leaders to keep innovating despite circumstances that often disincentivize it, and to evangelize their experiences for the community at large.

Let’s lean in, listen to great ideas, and learn from the innovators who took them from concept to creation.

About Your Host

My friends called me the "president of cancer" for years because of my passion for the cause and commitment to my job.  I spent 33 years at the American Cancer Society, leading strategy, planning and implementing name-brand events like Relay For Life and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

I also tried and tested new digital strategies to support community and 1:1 fundraising. It was this area of my old role that led me to my new role at GoodUnited. Now, I have the chance to embrace the mission of many causes and champion the third wave of giving as we move from online giving and email to giving on social media and communities built through 1:1 conversational messaging.

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Meet the People Behind Susan G. Komen’s New Facebook Community

Responsible for 13k new supporters, 175k new donations, and 56k fundraisers

Fundraising Persona
VP Marketing Strategy
Fundraising Persona
Social Marketing Content Manager
Fundraising Persona
VP Integrated Marketing

The Susan G. Komen team, like all organizations, had to pivot quickly in 2020 to amplify revenue as in-person events were canceled. They believed there was an audience that had simply not been asked to donate in a way that resonated with them, or even engaged where they actually spend time— on social media.

Join the first installment in our Nonprofit Innovators conversation series to hear how this forward-thinking team used Facebook Challenges to not only raise more revenue, but also acquire thousands of new supporters for ongoing cultivation.

Further, we’ll chat about how this team is incorporating what they learned from Challenges in 2020 into their 2022 fundraising and engagement plans, both expanding their traditional event portfolios and ongoing communication efforts with new supporters.  

The thought leaders from Komen will share in this conversation:

  • How their experience with the first Facebook Challenge changed perception of a successful social fundraising strategy
  • What they learned during the Facebook Challenges and what they plan on doing differently as they progress their social fundraising strategy 
  • How they convinced the organization to embark on this new strategy? 

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