How to Pitch a New Idea to Your Nonprofit: Practical advice from successful change champions

July 20, 2023
About The Episode

Let’s face it - a different set of rules governs nonprofits than our corporate peers who are celebrated when they embrace an idea only to “fail faster”.

Fail faster? Not an option.

Suggest something new?

Pitch a new approach?

Stop doing something we’ve always done?

Ask why we’ve always done it that way?

Those are dollars earmarked for the mission you’re talking about. There’s nothing cavalier about it. Our mission is depending on us to do what we've always done. To raise what we always raise (or more), the way we’ve always done it. If the way we’ve always done it has delivered predictable results, why would we jeopardize our fundraising goals?

Sound familiar?

In an industry lauded for doing more with less, and often penalized for investing in ourselves, suggesting something new, questioning why or offering a new way is intimidating.  Yet, some of our peers do it and do it well. I bet you know at least one successful Change Champion. Heck, I’ve been one. How do they do it? How did I do it? I’ve been asked this question numerous times since joining GoodUnited so we’re devoting an episode to this topic.

Let’s ask: How do successful change agents introduce, pilot, and advocate new ideas within their organization? Whether it requires Board buy-in or colleagues to cooperate with budgets, teams or time, how can we introduce new ideas so our often change-adverse colleagues can hear us?

Let’s dig in to unpack how to think differently about championing change, and uncover techniques that make change agents successful. I’ll hop in the time machine and answer these questions myself. [And yes, it cost me something. I’ll talk about that too.]