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GoodUnited Managed Service

Tap the unlimited potential of your Facebook Fundraisers

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Gather More Emails

74%More emails gathered

Increase fundraiser goals

24%Increase in fundraiser goals achieved

Repeat Fundraisers

94%Fundraisers want to raise again

Build Relationships

Managed Services for Facebook Fundraisers

GoodUnited Managed Services for Facebook Fundraisers helps non-profits leverage the power of Facebook Fundraisers without adding to staff workload. We help you:

  • Gather more emails
  • Increase revenue
  • Keep fundraisers engaged
  • Thank 100% of fundraisers
  • Upload formatted data to your CRM
  • Turn information into insights and professional reports

Seamless Technology Built on Facebook Messenger

Managed Services for Facebook Fundraisers is the only way to connect with fundraisers and donors, and get a clear picture of fundraising activity for reporting and planning.

Develop Custom Messenger Automation

We work with your team to develop custom and targeted Facebook Messenger campaigns that activate your fundraisers.  We reach out to each fundraiser on your behalf.

Facebook Fundraising
Customized Service

Deliver Customized Messenger Service

After opting in, fundraisers receive trigger and time based messages through Facebook Messenger, just like the best email campaigns.

Optimize Messenger Automation

With a 94% open rate, fundraisers can now engage with custom content that helps them reach their campaign goal. At the end of the campaign, we prompt fundraisers to stay involved, fundraise in the future and share their email.

Messenger Automation
Save to CRM

Dedicated Support

Through GoodUnited’s platform you can monitor the success of each campaign and see updates that can be used for reporting and planning. Data is easily exportable to your CRM. If you ever have a question, you have access to a real live human dedicated to your account.

Good United

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