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GoodUnited is the first fundraising platform for social networks.
Complement your fundraising programs (and create new ones) with fresh donors, revenue, and data.
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GoodUnited is the trusted partner of leading nonprofits looking to maximize fundraising efforts on Facebook and Instagram
$1 Billion
Nonprofits who work with GoodUnited have raised $1B in social networks
70%+ of the top 50 nonprofits put their trust in GoodUnited
+100 Million
Over 100 million messages delivered to donors, boosting funds by 10x

Turn around the decline in individual giving

GoodUnited’s automated messaging tools help you capture new donors and fundraisers without all the manual effort – and raise an additional $75 per supporter compared to other channels. 
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Facebook Messenger message between a fundraiser and a nonprofit through GoodUnited

Ditch the expensive (and ineffective) lead lists

Instead, tap into the pool of passionate supporters on Facebook. Use GoodUnited’s acquisition tools to capture up to 90% more leads and add them to your house file. 
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Social media fundraising = untapped revenue

Nonprofits have raised over $7 billion on Facebook in the last 5 years. With the GoodUnited platform, you have all the tools you need to grow your revenue. 
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Graph showing social media fundraising outcomes before and after working with GoodUnited
Loved by fundraising leaders

"Since onboarding GoodUnited, my nonprofit has seen almost 2,000% increase in Facebook revenue."

headshot of Becca L - Annual Giving Director
Becca L.
Annual Giving Director

“GoodUnited has provided a way for us to activate our sticky supporter base on Facebook in a way no other tool can."

Chelsea Edwards of Colorectal Cancer Alliance
Chelsea E.
Sr. Director, P2P Giving

“We have uncovered an entire new group of donors through Facebook Fundraisers, and so far it does not seem to be overlapping much with our existing active donors."

Kim B, Associate Director, Annual Giving
Kim B.
Associate Director, Annual Giving
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