GoodUnited Rated a Trusted Leader for Conversational Marketing in Fall 2023 G2 Reports

Our users have spoken - GoodUnited, the leader in social media fundraising, is positioned as a Leader for conversational marketing in G2’s Fall 2023 reports.

September 20, 2023

GoodUnited Rated a Leaders in Conversational Marketing on G2

Well would you look at that - We’re thrilled to announce that GoodUnited, the market leader for marketing automation in social media fundraising, is positioned as a Leader in the G2 Fall 2023 Conversational Marketing category! This was 100000% driven by our amazing customers and the user reviews they submitted to G2 over the last year.

The full breakdown of this huge achievement is 👇 and you can find the full G2 Grid report for Conversational Marketing here.

G2 Americas Grid for Conversational Marketing Software

But, if you need a TL;DR, it’s this: GoodUnited would be nothing without the amazing nonprofits (and their missions) that we have the privilege of serving on a daily basis.

How G2 Evaluates Software Vendors

G2 is a popular software review platform that rates and reviews various software products based on user feedback. For the "Conversational Marketing" category, G2 typically rates companies based on several criteria:

  • User Reviews: G2 heavily relies on user reviews to rate products. These reviews provide insights into the product's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the overall satisfaction of the users.
  • Satisfaction Scores: G2 calculates a satisfaction score based on user reviews. This score reflects the overall satisfaction of users with the product.
  • Market Presence: This is determined by a combination of factors including the company's revenue, employee growth, and social impact. A higher market presence usually indicates a more established and trusted product in the market.
  • Features & Functionality: G2 often breaks down ratings by specific features or functionalities of the software. This allows potential buyers to understand how well a product performs in specific areas that might be crucial for their needs.
  • Ease of Use: This is another important factor. If a product is difficult to use, it's likely to receive lower scores in this area, even if it's powerful or feature-rich.
  • Customer Support: The quality of customer support can significantly influence user satisfaction. G2 considers how well companies support their users when issues arise.
  • Implementation: This refers to how easy it is to get the software up and running. Products that are easier to implement will generally receive higher scores in this area.
  • Relationship: This metric evaluates the relationship between the software provider and the customer, including factors like ease of doing business, quality of support, and likelihood to recommend.

For awards, G2 often recognizes products that excel in specific areas or overall. For instance, they might have "Leaders" in a category, which are products that score high in both market presence and user satisfaction. They might also recognize "High Performers", which are products that have high user satisfaction scores but a smaller market presence.

How GoodUnited Was Ranked

Companies included in the G2 reports for conversational marketing software are ranked by customer satisfaction (based on actual user reviews) and overall market presence (market share, seller size, and social media impact are a few data points that are considered).

Once these scores are calculated, they are placed into four quadrants on the G2 grid report and provide a visual representation of the final scores.

How GoodUnited was ranked

What Our Customers Say About GoodUnited

GoodUnited is helping my nonprofit reach new audiences and raise additional funds through a new channel. The donations and new constituents we receive from GoodUnited's work through Facebook are additional and are not cannibalizing other revenue programs [...] Since onboarding GoodUnited, my nonprofit has seen an almost 2,000% increase in Facebook revenue.

Becca L. - Annual Giving Director
Read the full G2 review

GoodUnited allows us to be in the driver's seat of our Facebook Fundraising campaigns. We are able to reach and interact with our constituents in ways that they want to be reached.

Megan S. - Manager of Peer 2 Peer Fundraising
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We have uncovered an entire new group of donors through Facebook Fundraisers, and so far it does not seem to be overlapping much with our existing active donors. This has provided unexpected new revenue, as well as a pool of contacts that we now have the opportunity to steward!

Kim B. - Associate Director, Annual Giving
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GoodUnited has helped us acquire new fundraisers and supporters and elevate our current strategies in a new different way.

Chelsea E. - Sr. Director of Peer 2 Peer Giving
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GoodUnited - the Future of Social Media Fundraising

Less than 1% of the $500 billion donated annually comes through social channels - something that can be traced back to a donor experience that is often robotic being at the mercy of unpredictable content algorithms.

As a result, nonprofits are left to fend for themselves across 4 key fronts:

  • A decline in individual donations.
  • Lack of a steady stream of new donor leads.
  • Year-over-year drop in fundraising revenue without a solution in sight.
  • Shrinking resources, demanding more results with fewer inputs.

As a direct answer to these potentially mission-altering problems, GoodUnited's marketing automation platform is helping nonprofits engage and fundraise on social media through conversational messaging.

With GoodUnited, nonprofits of all sizes can:

  • Take Control & Build Predictability: Own the success of your social media investments.
  • Jumpstart Acquisition: Gain supporters using fully trackable URLs.
  • Boost Engagement: Connect with supporters directly in-channel using conversational messaging.
  • Accelerate Revenue Growth: Boost donations with in-channel CTAs and clear attribution.
  • Tap Into Social Fundraising Expertise: Benefit from our proven 7+ years of experience with services in Strategy, Ads, and Community Engagement, especially for Challenges on Facebook.

Want to know how GoodUnited can help your nonprofit drive more engagement and revenue on social channel? Start a conversation with us here.