The 411 on
GoodUnited &
Social Media Fundraising

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What is social media fundraising?

Social media fundraising seems new and unproven. What’s the risk?

How does social media open up a new fundraising revenue channel?

What is a social subscriber?

What do I need to start fundraising on Facebook?

Our nonprofit doesn’t have fundraisers on Facebook… do I need GoodUnited?

What bandwidth or resources do I need to effectively fundraise on Facebook?

What percentage of donations does a nonprofit actually see?

Is Facebook fundraising declining?

What is GoodUnited’s relationship with Meta? How does this benefit their nonprofit partners?

Isn’t GoodUnited just a fancy AI-powered bot?

Isn’t GoodUnited just like all the other Facebook fundraising tools?


If you read the FAQ and can’t find an answer, we’ve got you covered.

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