Reach exactly the right people with supporter segmentation

Blend the right mix of audience data and
behavior to build perfectly targeted audiences
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GoodUnited is the trusted partner of leading nonprofits looking to
maximize revenue in social networks

Build your audiences your way

Define precise audiences with as many conditions (and as much data) as you need. Segment by factors like:
  • Lapsed Donors
  • Donor Frequency
  • Fundraisers Created
  • Donations
  • Challenge Participation
  • Connection to cause
  • Location
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Revitalize Donor Engagement

Create segments and target your messages based on donor frequency, lapsed donors, giving levels and so much more.
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Your secret weapon for powerful personalization

GoodUnited’s code-free, easy-to-use, segment builder with predefined audiences goes beyond the basics so you can personalize messages based on factors like giving history, location, and affinity for your organization.
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