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Fundraising, for a Digital World.

The best parts of in-person P2P fundraising, none of the drawbacks.
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Strategic Growth for Your Nonprofit

Challenges on Facebook, a time-bound virtual campaign, has become a staple for leading nonprofits who want to activate and engage their social media community.

GoodUnited provides services that help nonprofits get the most out of these growth fundraising events, ensuring the supporter experience is world-class from start to finish... and beyond.
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Challenge Creation & Strategy

Streamline the Challenge creation process and outline Challenge strategy to maximize lead and revenue generation.

Challenge Promotion

Our team of Facebook advertising experts strategically create, deploy, and test ads to recruit new leads for your Challenge.

Report & Analyze Challenge Results

Gain access to 75+ data points from a single dashboard. Analyze data from GoodUnited’s dashboard or use our API to export data to your CRM or 3rd party reporting tools.

Challenge GroupMangagement

Work with our community engagement team to monitor and moderate challenge groups, eliminate spam, and ensure your nonprofit delivers it's brand expectations.
Community engagement

"Not only is Facebook revenue steady, but it’s growing. And that’s without any levers being pulled. What happens if we provide people with the opportunity to give?"

Duyen Tran Spigelman
Senior Philanthropy Manager, Digital Giving
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Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Especially for Challenges on Facebook.