Finally, a way to grow your Facebook birthday revenue

Simplify and demystify birthday fundraising, making it a yearly tradition for your supporters.
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GoodUnited is the trusted partner of leading nonprofits looking to
maximize revenue in social networks

Generate birthday fundraiser revenue while you sleep

Use our messaging templates and flows to automatically transform any of your social network supporters into birthday fundraisers.  From fundraiser creation and coaching to the final “thank you”, we got you covered.
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A conversation between a nonprofit and a potential Facebook Birthday fundraiser using GoodUnited, asking the supporter to consider starting a fundraiser for their birthday.
A conversation between a Facebook Birthday fundraiser and a nonprofit, fundraiser profile highlight using GoodUnited

Turn top birthday fundraisers into champions

When a birthday fundraiser ends, the supporter journey begins. Our prebuilt and customizable flows make it easy to automate ongoing stewardship and provide contextual calls to action to give again throughout the year.
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Maximize birthday fundraiser revenue with detailed analytics

Tap into our birthday fundraiser insights to fine-tune your strategy and watch your revenue soar.
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Graph showing Facebook Birthday fundraiser results over time and conversion percentages.
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