How to Find Supporters when No One Knows You...Yet!

Maria Clark
July 20, 2023
About The Episode

Apple does not have a brand awareness problem. I bet you recognize a Nike logo every time you see it. The same goes for brand-name nonprofits who have household name brand recognition and a cause that is broad, deep, and well understood.

Many nonprofits believe a lack of brand awareness is their chief problem to overcome, asking questions like:

  • If my cause is little-known, does that limit my sphere of support?
  • What can I do if my budget and team is too small to cover the addressable market of potential supporters?
  • How can I find the supporters who've been impacted without targeting many who have not?

We'll also cover Facebook fundraising strategies and the Delta Variant!

The purpose of this podcast series is to celebrate successes and the faces behind them in the nonprofit industry and to elevate those winning ideas so we can learn from them. This episode will focus on sharing ideas for cultivating a community of supporters no matter how small your nonprofit or how niche your cause is.

As one of our previous podcast guests said so well: “Every cause has a community waiting to support it. You just have to find them, and ask.”

Let’s share creative ideas that perform, for cost-effectively finding supporters if you’re starting small, and for building a brand strategy that targets a particular community for niche causes.