12 Days of Giving Series: How Kristina Parker Garland is using online community to be her daughters voice and advocate for STOMP Out Bullying

Maria Clark
February 17, 2023
About The Episode

It's that time of year again. A time to reflect, give, share, and grow - to express gratitude.

In light of the giving season, we’re flipping the script! Instead of chatting with nonprofit thought leaders, we are highlighting the most touching stories of individuals who fiercely support nonprofits and their “why.”

Because without supporters, nonprofits couldn’t exist.

During the 12-day series, Maria will be exploring topics surrounding: hardships, perseverance, fundraising, social media, and the importance and value of online community.

On this episode, Maria is chatting with Kristina Parker Garland. After losing her husband and receiving a breast cancer diagnoses, Kristina was forced to move 500 miles away after her eldest daughter self-harmed due to extreme bullying.

Kristina found positivity and community by participating in a challenge on Facebook in support of STOMP Out Bullying. She was able to use the platform to share her daughters experience and to spread awareness around bullying to the online community.

Kristina is a devoted advocate and voice for her daughter. Her story is absolutely inspiring.

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