Making Facebook Fundraisers Sustainable Revenue: Secret #5

February 17, 2023

In this series of posts we've been sharing our top five secrets for turning Facebook fundraisers into sustainable revenue. 

Secret #1 - Focus on the fundraisers

Secret #2 - Turn on Facebook giving tools

Secret #3 -  Create a Facebook fundraisers landing page

Secret #4 - Create a great experience

Secret #5 - Cultivate Facebook fundraiser donors

Once you have email addresses for donors and fundraisers, cultivate them! Remember, these are the people who have show an active affinity for your organization. Here are five ways you should be interacting with Facebook fundraisers and donors after the campaign is over:

  1. Enter their information into your CRM - identify mid-level and major donors
  2. Keep them engaged - ask them to create a future campaign
  3. Send a reminder to create another birthday campaign
  4. Invite them to volunteer and let them know about events in their area
  5. Ask them to follow you on Facebook – most fundraisers haven't Liked or Followed your page

Facebook fundraisers are changing the game for nonprofits. Fundraisers and donors who give to campaigns for you already have an affinity for your organization. This is a brand new audience giving dollars that were not otherwise earmarked for philanthropy. Keep them engaged and cultivate them and they will contribute to a sustainable revenue stream for your nonprofit.