Making Facebook Fundraisers Sustainable Revenue: Secret #2

February 17, 2023

If you're in charge of fundraising at your nonprofit, or just in charge of figuring out and managing Facebook Fundraisers, we're sharing our Top 5 Secrets for making Facebook fundraisers a sustainable source of revenue. If you missed our #1 secret, you can read it here.

We've mentioned our #2 secret before, but if you're creating an overall strategy for leveraging Facebook fundraisers, this should be the second thing that you do.

Secret #2: Turn On Facebook Giving Tools

When you register your organization with Facebook Payments you get to keep 100% of the donations, and you get paid much faster. You also get access to donor and fundraiser data via Facebook's transaction reports.

If you've seen Facebook's transaction reports, you may be tempted to blow them off. However, those reports are your best friend if you manipulate them the right way. If you can do that, you'll be able to see all of your new, active fundraisers (even those that raise less than $50), the total amount raised, the number of donors, and the fundraisers URLs so you can communicate with them during their fundraiser.

(If you're not an Excel wizard, don't worry. You can download our free template.)

Now that you have that information you can use it to cultivate your fundraisers. Keep in mind that once somebody starts a Fundraiser, Facebook announces it to everyone - there is social pressure for your fundraisers to succeed!

The best thing you can do is interact with your fundraisers. Give them encouragement and tips for how to achieve their goal. You'll be a hero for helping.