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Instagram Fundraisers Are Here

May 7, 2019
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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms thanks to its focus on in-the-moment photos and storytelling capabilities. With Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, U.S. nonprofits can now leverage the power of storytelling to boost engagement and donations.

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Here's how the new functionality works:

1. From your organization's Facebook page, link your Instagram account. (You must be an admin to make this change.)

2. Convert your Instagram account to a Business Profile.

Voila! Community members can now use the "Donation" sticker in their Instagram stories. As on Facebook, you get 100% of the donations.

Since this will be new to most of your community, it's worth posting instructions on your social media feeds and in your newsletters. Here's how to do it:

  • When users create a story they can add a donation sticker by tapping on a sticker icon from the pop up tray.
  • When they choose a sticker they can select an organization to support.
  • People can contribute without leaving the story, and after they donate the sticker flips over to show them a "thanks for donating" message.
  • Fundraisers can watch the progress by swiping up on the story.

If Instagram donations are anywhere near as popular as Facebook fundraisers - Donate stickers could create a huge lift for nonprofits.

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