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How to Crush Storytelling On Instagram and Facebook

May 7, 2019
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Storytelling. What does that even mean? It's the "so what" of your nonprofit. Why does it matter?

Because donors are rewarding storytelling on social media. Instagram fundraisers are here. They will revolutionize online giving. Nonprofits that are good at storytelling will light up. Those that don't know how to do it will fail.  So:

Don't want donations?

Bore people or make them feel sad and hopeless.

IMG_5724 2

What's wrong with this post? Sad dog. Bleak photo. A generic cry for help that makes it sound like your nonprofit is in trouble. No emotional connection to your nonprofit - or the dog.

Want more donations?

Give people hope. Show them proof.

IMG_5725 2

What's right with this post? Happy dog. Eye contact. An emotional story. Proof that your nonprofit is kicking ass and taking names in the dog rescue world. An invitation for your community to be part of making dogs just that happy.

Stories don't have to be long, they just have to:

  • Allow people to empathize with the problem
  • Show that you have a solution to the problem
  • Invite them to be part of the solution

Storytelling takes practice - don't be afraid to experiment as you hone your skills. Set aside time to carefully craft your Facebook and Instagram stories, then take note of what your community responds to.

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