The Decline of the Small Donor: Why & What To Do About It

Round Table
February 12, 2024
About the Episode

Post Covid, human behavior has changed significantly when it comes to  philanthropy and support for nonprofits.

In-person events continue to struggle, it is harder and harder for nonprofits to find new donors, and overall, individual giving has declined for several years in a row.

This panel will dive into how the fundraising landscape has shifted and more importantly, how nonprofits are responding, and what might be better ways to respond? What will it really take to stop the downward trends? Let’s talk about it with big thinkers.

with panelists Nathan Chappell, co-author Generosity Crisis and SVP Donor Search, Otis Fulton PhD, Social Psychologist, of Turnkey, and Jill Davis Chief Growth Officer at Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Show Description

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