How to Launch a Successful Year-End Digital Fundraising Campaign

Nonprofit Growth Lab
February 12, 2024
About the Episode

Year-end fundraising doesn't have to be scary.

We all know the importance of Giving Tuesday and year-end fundraising, and there's a lot that goes into making these campaigns succeed. The theme you choose, the goals you set, how and when you promote, and your online donation experience all influence whether your organization has a lucrative or a lackluster December.

Enter: Your Year-End Dream Team!

We've got digital strategist Caroline Griffin, email expert Katelyn Baughan, and social media maven Brynne Krispin joining this Giving Tuesday/End of Year fundraising-focused NGL to share their top tips and resources with the GoodUnited community for a cohesive, emotive, and effective year-end season.


  • How to set your campaign up for success from the beginning
  • How to involve your donors in the campaign ideation process
  • What, when, and how often to post on social media during your campaign
  • What, when, and how often to email supporters during your campaign
  • How you can get campaign support from the Year End Dream Team
Show Description

Stop Solider Suicide's 240x engagement has a great story behind the how and why this outcome was such a huge W for the promotion of their Black Box Project.

We're sharing the sauce that helped SSS drive 240x organic engagement on Facebook while sidestepping $14,000 in Facebook ad spend.

Here's the key outcomes that Stop Soldier Suicide drove:

  • 35,507 subscribers messaged
  • 89% Messenger Open Rate
  • 30% Facebook Messenger CTR
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