How to get paid for instagram donations

February 17, 2023

Instagram recently rolled out new Donation sticker functionality. This allows your community to create Instagram stories with a Donation sticker. When someone clicks the sticker and donates to your nonprofit, 100% of the funds go to your organization. So how does that work?

First,  you must be registered with Facebook Payments. If you don't register your nonprofit with Facebook fundraisers people can still raise money for you, but it takes longer to get paid and you will pay 3% in administrative fees to Network for Good, the organization that distributes money through a tax structure called a Donor Advised Fund.

If you are a nonprofit, it's crazy not to register with Facebook payments. You'll get your money in about two weeks and you'll get 100% of it.

With Instagram donations you must be registered for Facebook Payments for your nonprofit to show up in the list of that fundraisers can select from when they create a story. If you're not registered, they won't be able to find you in the drop down list.

Instagram donations are processed by Facebook in the same way that donations to Facebook fundraisers are processed: People donate money and once donations reach $100 you'll be paid in about two weeks by electronic transfer. Instagram and Facebook take no administrative fees.

All you have to do is connect your nonprofit's Instagram Business account to your nonprofit's Facebook account and you'll be ready to accept donations from Instagram.