Growing Your Facebook Community with Ads

January 7, 2022

Growing your Facebook community is an important part of using social media to support and grow your nonprofit organization. However, sometimes it seems as if your community numbers or the number of community members conducting Facebook fundraisers for you hits a plateau.

Those plateaus can be normal as online giving has an up and down cycle. However, that doesn't mean you have to sit on your hands and wait for an uptick.

Facebook's ad tools are incredibly powerful in that you can slice and dice the demographics you'd like to target with incredible precision. You can choose location that's as broad as a country or as defined as a zip code. You can also choose age, gender, language, interests, and much more.

You'll also want to take into consideration what you want your ad to do for you. Do you just want more people to know about your organization? Do you want to increase Facebook fundraisers? Donations? Add to your volunteer roster? Facebook's tools will help you choose between a "Reach" ad and an "Engagement" ad.

We have had incredible success growing Facebook community through targeted ads. We can build a custom Messenger bot that allows users to opt-in to receive emails from your organization. In our first experiment with using Facebook ads to gather email addresses from people who care about a nonprofit's mission, we had a 75% opt-in rate from people who click the add.

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 10.53.14 AM

These are users who want to know more and are entirely new to the organizations - they'd never given before.

Facebook's ad tools are a great way to boost your community and engagement. We can help you take it a step further and leverage ads to gather hundreds of new email addresses of people who care about your mission and want to get involved.

Want to learn more? Just let us know.