GoodUnited Ranked No. 460 in Inc. 5000 List

Adam O’Brien
December 29, 2021

Amid economic unrest. Despite Covid limitations. Throughout social and political crisis after crisis. People show up for one another.

And people still give to causes they care about.

What’s more: nonprofits are realizing that an easy and enjoyable giving experience means MORE GIVING. 

That’s why we exist. And that’s why we work with some of the greatest nonprofit organizations in the world. That’s also why we are ranked in the top 10% of Inc. 5000’s annual fast-growth list for 2022.

Because we see potential for continuous fundraising growth in social media and we prove it every single day. 

By the Numbers

Inc. ranked GoodUnited among the fastest growing private companies in the United States. Since its inception, this prestigious list remains a hallmark of entrepreneurial success. And us? We’re just getting started. 

How GoodUnited ranked: 

  • No. 460 Overall
  • No. 1 in Charleston
  • No. 2 in South Carolina
  • No. 49 in Software

The Inc. 5000 Process

According to Inc., their distinguished Inc. 5000 list ranks companies by overall revenue growth over a three-year period, and is designed to give their readers a comprehensive understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape.

It’s a celebration of innovation. Grit. Bravery. And what’s more? It communicates a need for these specific products and services in their respective markets. 

(Humble brag: our nonprofit partners really are paving the way for the future of giving and we are psyched and proud as hell to help them get there.) 

Inc. states: “All 5,000 honoree companies are individually profiled on The top 500 are featured in the September issue of Inc. Magazine,” so keep an eye out for the GU logo in print. 

What It All Means

For us? It means that we are cementing ourselves as leaders in the nonprofit technology space. It reinforces our mission and the heart work (not hard work) we’re doing on behalf of our nonprofit partners. It means we are breaking into a new phase of giving: social giving. And it means our instinct is right: people value relationships with nonprofits, and hence, give more. 

What does it not mean? Rest. We are hyper focused on testing, optimizing, and learning to keep finding ways to break through. 

For you, our nonprofit friends? It is further proof that we are continually seeing success. And our success is ultimately a reflection of your success. As we grow, so do you. 

And we’re not slowing down any time soon. 

To our current partners, thank you for trusting us to level up your social fundraising strategy. 

To our prospective partners, when you’re ready, let’s chat.

If you’re looking for a place to start, start here.