Using Facebook Giving Tools Data to Fuel Sustainable Growth

Nonprofit Growth Lab
February 12, 2024
About the Episode

We're not going to say you can hack Facebook Giving Tools... but you can hack your supporter data for sustainable growth.

You’re signed up for Facebook Giving Tools and people can donate.

And then… the dreaded question: now what? How do you turn this—this unpredictable lead and revenue stream—into sustainable growth for your organization?

The good news is you are not the first nonprofit with this pain point (and you won't be the last) and we're covering how nonprofits like yours have found success.

Join GU data experts Matt Van Laan, Maddy Shanks, and Olivia Hattersley as they discuss the metrics and strategies behind impactful Facebook fundraising, and how to use data to fuel sustainable growth.

What you'll get with this webinar:

🔬 Understanding of the basics of standard social media fundraising metrics such as return on investment (ROI), return on ad spend (ROAS) etc. and when/how to use them with Facebook Giving Tools.

🔬 Insight into what supporter data points are available natively through Facebook Giving Tools and the must-have data that isn't readily available.

🔬Empowerment to start conversations in your nonprofit around data, reporting, and strategy for social media fundraising efforts.

Show Description

Stop Solider Suicide's 240x engagement has a great story behind the how and why this outcome was such a huge W for the promotion of their Black Box Project.

We're sharing the sauce that helped SSS drive 240x organic engagement on Facebook while sidestepping $14,000 in Facebook ad spend.

Here's the key outcomes that Stop Soldier Suicide drove:

  • 35,507 subscribers messaged
  • 89% Messenger Open Rate
  • 30% Facebook Messenger CTR
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