The Habits of an Impactful Fundraiser

Nonprofit Growth Lab
February 12, 2024
About the Episode

It's not just about what's visible that matters... it's the habits built underneath that change everything.

We all know it: Development is a team sport. And teams function best when they understand their unique role in the process.

In this session, we have Jon and Becky from We Are for Good joining us to unpack the core habits of a successful digital marketing + fundraising professional.

They have talked to some of the best in the biz and we’re giving you the cheat sheet to help you prioritize your work, ask the right questions, define metrics that matter, and inform how-to advocate for you, your role, and LOVE your work, too.

All in an effort to unlock greater digital fundraising success. We can’t wait to dive into this conversation with you.

Show Description

Stop Solider Suicide's 240x engagement has a great story behind the how and why this outcome was such a huge W for the promotion of their Black Box Project.

We're sharing the sauce that helped SSS drive 240x organic engagement on Facebook while sidestepping $14,000 in Facebook ad spend.

Here's the key outcomes that Stop Soldier Suicide drove:

  • 35,507 subscribers messaged
  • 89% Messenger Open Rate
  • 30% Facebook Messenger CTR
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