Facebook Giving Tools Features Update

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February 12, 2024
About the Episode

Meta just announced some pretty big things for Giving Season 2022 - including a $100,000 matching donation structure and the rollout of a new Facebook Fundraiser type centered around recurring giving.  

We're covering all the details of the Giving Season 2022 updates in this event and going over what this means for your nonprofit both this Giving Season and beyond.

Straight to the point: Facebook Giving Tools shifted default Messenger settings from “Opt In” to “Opt Out” on the Stay Connected screen in Messenger.

Why is this a big deal? Generally, it’s understood that 80-95% of people stick to default options when it comes to software. This new update has the potential to multiply the amount of new subscribers that your nonprofit captures on Facebook by nearly 3x-4x.

This ALSO means that it has never been easier to build lasting, meaningful relationships with your supporters. (Translation: increase retention and recurring revenue.)

Tune in as experts from GoodUnited walk through what's new, what this means for your NPO, and what's to come, followed by live Q&A.

What you'll learn:

🔬 Key insights into all of the most current updates to Facebook Giving Tools - including a breakdown of major updates to Messenger opt-in defaults, automatic “thank you” options for fundraisers, and the game changing recurring giving updates

🔬 Why these new features will change how your nonprofit looks at social giving strategies and how you should be thinking about measuring success differently in social channels

🔬How to get the most of these updates and make sure Facebook Giving Tools is working for your nonprofit for Giving Tuesday and for 2023 and beyond

Show Description

Stop Solider Suicide's 240x engagement has a great story behind the how and why this outcome was such a huge W for the promotion of their Black Box Project.

We're sharing the sauce that helped SSS drive 240x organic engagement on Facebook while sidestepping $14,000 in Facebook ad spend.

Here's the key outcomes that Stop Soldier Suicide drove:

  • 35,507 subscribers messaged
  • 89% Messenger Open Rate
  • 30% Facebook Messenger CTR
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