Reaching New Heights: How Project Purple Hit Its Best Fundraising Months in 11 Years

In 2020, Project Purple put all of its staff time, resources, and energy into hosting almost 50 virtual fundraising events to continue to raise critical funds for a world without pancreatic cancer. But returns were underwhelming, and data was sparse and confusing. Needless to say, Project Purple was ready for the next horizon, and they deployed GoodUnited to take them there.

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About Project Purple

About Project Purple

Pancreatic cancers will soon become the #2 killer of Americans. The problem is that there’s no early detection or cure, yet.

In 2009, Dino Verrelli accompanied his father through every step and appointment of a daunting battle against pancreatic cancer. While his dad ended up tragically passing, he gained invaluable insights into the disease and the fight that so many others unwillingly engage in.

Project Purple was born in 2010 to honor Giovanni Verrelli by rallying the world to find a cure for pancreatic cancer and improve the lives of patients through support, hope, and compassion. One stride at a time.

We’re really big here at Project Purple about experience, whether it’s our marathon teams or a golf outing. And these virtual challenges have become a great experience for these people. You guys have allowed us to connect with some really, really amazing strangers who want to help our cause, our mission, and help people at their darkest of times fighting this disease.

Dino Verrelli
Founder and CEO of Project Purple


Inspiring Giving on Social Media

Project Purple knew what the rising popularity of social media meant for fundraising, but not without challenges. Specifically, gaining clarity around how to extract actionable information, connect with supporters, and maximize revenue potential.

Facebook does not provide any donor data. Nor an option of communicating directly with supporters. When Project Purple did try to proactively message donors directly, it would typically get lost in “Message requests.” That meant it could provide very little support to fundraisers.

That all changed through partnering with GoodUnited, which provided reports, access to a real-time dashboard with a wealth of information, and a simple and easy solution to thanking and connecting with each and every donor.

When we compare what we were doing in 2020 to what GoodUnited did, I don’t think we could replicate it. They have mastered the technical ability to act and communicate as if it was Project Purple, but assist us in growing our community.

Dino Verrelli
Founder and CEO of Project Purple


Raising an Online Revenue Stream to New Heights

Keelin Hodgkins DiMario has been a Project Purple Ambassador for the last four years, honoring the memory of her Aunt Cassie, a pancreatic cancer victim.

DiMario has done plenty of in-person events. And although helping her chosen cause is satisfying in its own right, she always wanted more meaningful group interaction. Participants might meet up before the run and interact briefly, only to lose touch after the event. And although she hadn’t anticipated getting that engagement online, that’s exactly what happened.

Watching a group of people from all different places and fitness levels collectively come together was incredibly meaningful for her. Reading their stories about why they’re participating and then supporting and encouraging them through their challenges was what she’d wanted from in-person events all along.

Project Purple wanted a way to make the most of their birthday fundraisers on Facebook. It ended up in a partnership that allowed it to break fundraising records, engage new supporters, and strengthen the passion and commitment of existing ones.

Project Purple is making the most of a new opportunity. Honoring memories of loved ones, raising funds and awareness, and striding confidently towards a future where pancreatic cancer is both diagnosable and curable.

I’ve finally found something where my hard work, my miles, my fundraising—I’m actually making a difference. My aunt’s battle ended, but I feel like I took over where she left off.

Keelin Hodgkins DiMario
Facebook challenge participant