Driving Organic Engagement and
Mission Awareness

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The Mission: Supercharge the announcement that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs awarded Stop Soldier Suicide the Mission Daybreak grand challenge top prize to accelerate Black Box Project. The Results: 35,507 subscribers messaged, 89% Messenger Open Rate, 30% Facebook Messenger CTR, 240x increase in organic engagement, $14,000 ad spend saved.
We partnered with GoodUnited to send a message to our subscriber base with one simple ask: ‘Can you share this news?’ We saw immediate results — more than 2,300 organic shares and 900 engagements on our post in less than 72 hours.
Kolby Harrell
Product Marketing Manager

Driving Awareness & Supporter Recognition

On February 16th, 2023, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced that Stop Soldier Suicide was a first-place winner in the Mission Daybreak grand challenge.

Stop Soldier Suicide’s winning solution, Black Box Project, is a pioneering innovation that that leverages artificial intelligence to redefine our understanding of suicide risk among veterans.

Stop Soldier Suicide set off to build a comprehensive marketing communication strategy. This incorporated traditional public relations efforts, paid ads, and bespoke content to support Stop Soldier Suicide’s accomplishments in the channels where their supporters are spending time.

Ultimately, Stop Soldier Suicide needed 3 things:
Increase their mission’s exposure to new supporters
Engage current supporters
Provide insight into how supporter gifts were making tangible differences in reducing suicides amongst Veterans
Conversational messaging on social media is email marketing reimagined. We can seamlessly communicate with our supporters and inspire them to take action in real time without leaving the social platforms they use daily.
Kolby Harrell
Product Marketing Manager

Leveraging a Mission Awareness-Focused Supporter Journey

After 24 hours, Stop Soldier Suicide’s post announcing the Mission Daybreak prize had 62 likes and 11 shares. 

Stop Soldier Suicide reached out to GoodUnited for help.

Within minutes, a message journey was created and delivered to Stop Solder Suicide’s 90,000+ subscriber base on Facebook to drive awareness to the post with one simple ask:  "Please share."

11:01 AM:  11 shares ---> 11:06 AM:  196 shares

We sent the awareness journey at 11:01 AM. Within five minutes the number of shares jumped from 11 to 196 — exponentially outpacing the level of engagement that email marketing or paid ads can deliver in that timeframe.
Kolby Harrell
Product Marketing Manager

Awareness worth $14k

Using one of GoodUnited’s supporter messaging journeys not only enabled SSS to move fast, it produced a potentially mission changing outcome.

After 72 hours, Stop Soldier Suicide’s post had been shared more than 2,300 times.

Organic engagement was at the highest it had been in more than 30 days, and far exceeded engagement metrics that they typically see from a similar email send. 

Better yet, it saved the nonprofit over $14,000 in ad spend that can be allocated towards the continued research and advancement of programs like Black Box Project.

About Stop Solder Suicide

Stop Soldier Suicide provides consistent, confidential, suicide-specific care free of charge to service members and veterans at highest risk for suicide. Their goal is to reduce the military suicide rate to the national average by 2030.

To learn more or donate, visit StopSoldierSuicide.org.

About Black Box Project

Black Box Project uses best-in-class forensic tools to extract data from digital devices entrusted to SSS by surviving family members of veterans who died by suicide (after data extraction, devices are returned intact to survivors). Machine learning techniques are then used to build models to predict both the “who” and “when” for identifying veterans at greatest risk for suicide.