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Provide in-message CTAs that drive your supporters to take action.
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Launch revenue generating in-message landing pages

Create seamless fundraising opportunities for birthday fundraisers, memorial fundraisers, tent-pole events, and more.

Connect with your subscribers year round to encourage ongoing support and fundraising on behalf of your nonprofit.
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Grow your fundraising efforts through your most impactful resource - your existing social subscribers.

Create, deploy, and manage landing pages and CTAs that live directly inside messaging journeys.
LAnding Pages
  • In-channel fundraising and donating calls-to-action
  • Configurable landing pages - enabling brand and voice consistency

Quantify Giving Trends

Track and measure revenue trends with insight into donations, fundraiser conversions, attribution, and growth from landing page deployment.
  • Access real-time revenue and fundraising data
  • Accurately attribute all ad spend
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"GoodUnited is helping my nonprofit reach new audiences and raise additional funds through a new channel... Since onboarding GoodUnited, my nonprofit has seen almost 2,000% increase in Facebook revenue."

Becca L.
Annual Giving Director
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Are your social media CTAs turning into fundraising revenue?