General Fundraiser Coaching

Avg. Outcome:
50% increase in fundraiser revenue
Initial Journey
Initial Journey
Initial Journey
Initial Journey
Action Lead-in
Initial Journey
Repeat Action
Initial Journey

Learn about who your general fundraisers are and what they care about.  Coach them to hit the fundraising goal.

Key Outcomes: Learn about the fundraiser organizer and help them acheive their fundraising goal.

Data Insights

Mission Story: Understand your subscriber's connection to your mission.
Birth Date:
Collect date of birth to follow-up again next year
Recipients: Supporters who create a Facebook fundraiser for any event other than their birthday.

supporter journey CYCLE
Initial Journey IllustrationInitial Journey IllustrationCross-Promote IllustrationCross-Promote IllustrationCultivation IllustrationCultivation IllustrationAction Lead-in IllustrationAction Lead-in IllustrationRepeat Action IllustrationRepeat Action Illustration