Supporter Welcome Series

Avg. Outcome:
72% Open Rate
Initial Journey
Initial Journey
Initial Journey
Initial Journey
Action Lead-in
Initial Journey
Repeat Action
Initial Journey

Extend a warm welcome to new Subscribers. Foster a strong connection by introducing your organization and sharing how you impact the cause they care about.

Key Outcomes: Your supporters will have a great first impression of your organization, understand how you impact the cause they care about, and learn how they can help.

Data Insights

Subscriber Mission Story:
understand your subscriber's connection to your mission.

Subscribers who are not fundraisers, donors, or event participants.

supporter journey CYCLE
Initial Journey IllustrationInitial Journey IllustrationCross-Promote IllustrationCross-Promote IllustrationCultivation IllustrationCultivation IllustrationAction Lead-in IllustrationAction Lead-in IllustrationRepeat Action IllustrationRepeat Action Illustration