Donor Welcome Series

Avg. Outcome:
75% Open Rate
Initial Journey
Initial Journey
Initial Journey
Initial Journey
Action Lead-in
Initial Journey
Repeat Action
Initial Journey

Personally thank your Facebook donors, make them feel appreciated, and learn about their connection to your cause.

Key Outcomes: Your donors will feel appreciated and have the opportunity to continue to engage with your nonprofit.

Data Insights:

Donor Type:
"One-time Gift" or "Recurring Gift": insight to know the giving behavior from a donor.

Recipients: Individuals who make a single or recurring donation on Facebook.

supporter journey CYCLE
Initial Journey IllustrationInitial Journey IllustrationCross-Promote IllustrationCross-Promote IllustrationCultivation IllustrationCultivation IllustrationAction Lead-in IllustrationAction Lead-in IllustrationRepeat Action IllustrationRepeat Action Illustration