What’s New in GoodUnited: WebApp Reporting Enhancements + Features

Adam O’Brien
January 30, 2023

We’re back at it with another round of customer feedback driven updates and new features for the GoodUnited platform. 

This set of updates helps you to get a better handle on accessing key data points while providing enhanced reporting functionality within the GoodUnited Webapp.

Get the Actionable Data You Need, Without the Hassle

If you are like us, gathering actionable data from multiple sources just to drop it into a spreadsheet or 3rd party reporting tool is the last thing on your “love to do” list. 

It doesn't make for an efficient workflow and introduces too much opportunity for data inconsistencies.

Thanks to great feedback from our customers, GoodUnited is introducing a set of new features and enhancements to the GoodUnited Webapp that gives you the ability to access a wider range of data and report configuration from within the platform.

Key Reporting Additions

  • Visually updated Reporting section in the GoodUnited Webapp
  • New Supporters report that introduces 100+ additional data points on Facebook Fundraisers, Donors, and Event Participants - You can check out the list of new fields here
  • Addition of 3 distinct Report filtering options (for both Supporter + Challenge Reports)
  • Ability to manage GoodUnited Reports with greater ease - save reports at a company level, export all-time data sets, and archive unneeded Reports

See what else is new with GoodUnited

You can keep up with all of GoodUnited’s new features, big and small, by visiting our blog. Have ideas for how we can improve GoodUnited’s platform? Many features just like these come directly from customer feedback. Drop us a note or tweet us at @GoodUnitedio to share yours.