What’s New in GoodUnited: Challenge Teams and Challenge Tracker

This quarter, we’ve added two new features to improve the camaraderie and competition for participants in a Challenge on Facebook so more people participate.

February 17, 2023

Here’s what’s new in GoodUnited’s Challenges on Facebook solution. 

One of the joys of supporting a cause you care about is supporting alongside others who do too. Every mission-based race depends on these emotions so people register, show up and invite their friends. Even better: Nonprofit Fundraisers and Marketers know individuals raising money as a team raise more per person. 

GoodUnited Challenges on Facebook are designed to mimic the best parts of in-person peer-to-peer fundraising in a digitally-native environment that spans geography and generations. 

That’s why we’re constantly testing new ways to use conversational messaging to increase supporter engagement and raise more money via Challenges on Facebook. 

This quarter, we’ve added two new features to improve the camaraderie and competition for participants in a Challenge on Facebook so more people participate. 

More participants, more engagement, more support, more revenue.

Here’s what’s new.

Challenge Teams 

Benefit: Tap into the virality of social media by creating a friction-less experience for participants to form teams and invite their friends and family to join them. 

WIth the Challenge Teams feature, a Challenge Participant can:

  • Form and name a team 
  • Invite their contacts on Facebook to join them via a digital invite card
  • Receive notifications when their friends and family sign on to their team
  • Set a team goal (1000 burpees, 50 miles) and dynamically increase it as new participants join the team

… all without leaving Facebook, sending an email or completing a form.


  • Challenge Team captains are 284% more likely to recruit additional challenge participants than solo participants 
  • Challenge Team members raise 10% more on average than solo participants
  • Challenge Team captains are twice as likely to start fundraisers and successfully raise money for the cause connected to the Challenge

Activity Tracker 

Benefit: Logging Challenge activity increases participant engagement, but tracking activity outside of Facebook with third-party trackers is less than seamless. For Challenge Teams, tracking and sharing activity updates spurs competition, but only if fellow Challenge Team members can see one another's updates. 

Now they can, without leaving the Facebook application or integrating any clunky third-party tech.

Activity Tracker:

  • Reminds Challenge Participants to track their activity
  • Automatically increases the goal when new members join a Challenge Team
  • Tracks, celebrates and shares each activity logged with every Challenge Team member
  • Automates progress tracking and sends a shareable update with every logged activity


  • Decrease Challenge Participant churn by 5%  (amb decrease in % who never log)
  • Increases Challenge Participant engagement by 13% (amb average # of logs)
  • Increases dollars raised by Challenge participant by $11 on average