Outsourcing Facebook Fundraiser Management

July 15, 2022

Here's a true story:

One of our clients is a nonprofit that helps veterans get the mental health resources they need. Their goal is to reduce veteran and soldier suicide rates to the national average of non-veterans. This is a cause that pretty much everyone can get behind, and with the advent of Facebook fundraisers, suddenly pretty much everyone did.

When Facebook introduced Facebook fundraisers, the nonprofit started getting checks in the mail from Network for Good (thanks to their awesome Facebook community holding fundraisers for them.)

Then they started getting bigger checks. And bigger checks. This hardworking group of folks were totally humbled and grateful for the support. More checks means more veterans served.

BUT... the nonprofit's staff is mostly case managers. They don't really have a lot of marketing or customer service staff. So they have thousands of people giving them money and no way to thank them, or follow up, or nurture the journey. They also had no way to forecast giving trends so they could budget effectively.

Then, they ran into customer service overload. Every day there were dozens and dozens of messages such as:

  • Did you get my donation?
  • What are you going to do with my donation?
  • I donated accidentally, can you refund me?
  • I accidentally typed too many zeros in my donation and now my bank account is going to be overdrawn and my rent check is going to bounce, can I get a refund RIGHT NOW?

Every question was an important question that deserved to be answered with expedience. But they didn't have the staff to handle it.

Still, the organization was excited about the potential of Facebook fundraisers. They knew something revolutionary was happening. Instead of shutting down the flow, they actually leaned in and set some goals. They wanted to:

  • Build relationships
  • Help fundraisers meet their goals
  • Take the pressure off of staff
  • Increase opt-in rates for email addresses
  • Encourage fundraisers to raise again
  • Forecast giving trends
  • Upload clean data to their CRM

So they turned to us. Our managed services for Facebook fundraisers helps nonprofits do all of these things and more.

In just three months of partnering, GoodUnited:

  • Helped increase revenue from Facebook fundraisers by $100K
  • Drove an additional 2.5 donors per campaign
  • Helped fundraisers raise an average of over $90 more per campaign
  • Received over 700 additional email addresses
  • Received email addresses of 380 users who opted in to create a campaign in the future

This isn't a GoodUnited commercial; it's proof of how we can help. Every person on our team truly cares about the work that you do, and our mission is to help you excel in your mission. Also we know nonprofit staff is overworked and we'd like to create more time for you to play, sleep, Netflix binge, brew beer, make cornhusk dolls, rescue baby raccoons, or whatever else it is that makes you light up.

Can we take the pressure off of your staff? Schedule a quick demo to see for yourself how it works. There's no pressure.