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New Report Shows People Using Facebook More Than Ever

January 31, 2019
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Facebook posted its 2018 Q4 report this week and the results are of interest to nonprofits that are considering their Facebook fundraiser strategy for 2019. The report answers one of development directors’ most pressing questions:

Are users leaving Facebook?

Facebook users aren’t abandoning the platform. Actually, their average daily users continued to grow. In 2018 Facebook posted 9% growth in daily active users (1.52 billion).

More than half of North Americans use Facebook daily, and two-thirds of North American Facebook users log on once a month. For nonprofits, Facebook continues to offer massive opportunities to reach a new audience while maintaining regular contact with existing supporters.

What can we expect from Facebook in 2019?

Facebook spent the last year focusing on addressing security and data privacy concerns. Now they intend to focus on innovations, building new products, and bringing new experiences to their users.

Mark Zuckerberg also announced that Facebook has begun integrating Instagram, WhatsApp, and other apps under their umbrella. With those integrations it’s likely nonprofits will see the ability to fundraise across platforms in 2019.

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