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How to Crush Giving Tuesday

November 19, 2018
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This year Giving Tuesday falls on November 27th. This day is meant to be an antidote to Black Friday and Cyber Monday - and studies have shown that too much materialism leads to depression and anxiety. People LIKE to give on Giving Tuesday; it can help restore a sense of balance in the marketing frenzy of the holidays.

That's great news for nonprofits who depend on end-of-year giving for a nice lift. Ideally, your Giving Tuesday strategy starts well before the end of November. Not to worry if you're catching up though, there are some sure-fire ways to boost donations with a short-term plan:

1. Create a Facebook Event

As soon as you finish reading this post, create a Facebook Event for Giving Tuesday on your organization's page and invite your community.

2. Set a goal

Set an achievable goal, then raise it throughout the day as needed. If you can, translate your goal to bite-size impacts such as "Every $20 buys 10 meals" or "For every $100 you donate we can rescue one more dog."

3. Send an eBlast

Send a short email to your list inviting them to give through Facebook fundraisers on Giving Tuesday. Include impact statements about how donations help you achieve your mission. If you want, let people know their donations via Facebook are tax-deductible and you'll receive 100% of the funds (as long as you're signed up through Facebook Payments.)

4. Update your page

Make sure your cover photo is inspiring and professional, and make sure your "About" description is short and motivating. These are the things everyone will see - it's your first impression.

5. Post updates

On Giving Tuesday one of your staff members should be glued to Facebook. Post updates, answer questions, thank donors and fundraisers, and add impactful content throughout the day. On Giving Tuesday, keeping the excitement going throughout the day is your ONE JOB.

And, remember that Giving Tuesday is not a 9 to 5 event - it's 24 hours long. People frequently log into Facebook in the evenings - even right up until midnight. Be present and keep the momentum going for the night owls in your community.

We're cheering for you on Giving Tuesday. If you have questions, join our private Facebook Group, Nonprofit Facebook Fundraiser Mastery.



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