How do people create a Facebook Fundraiser?

February 8, 2022

There are two ways to create a Facebook Fundraiser for a nonprofit: By responding to a prompt a few days before your birthday, or through the Fundraiser tab in the News Feed.

Birthday Fundraisers

Millions of people rely on Facebook to prompt them to send good wishes to a friend on their birthday. In fact, the birthday reminder is one of Facebook’s most popular features, with 45 million people posting birthday salutations every single day. Because users are so connected with birthday reminders, Facebook connected their charitable giving tools to give people a way to honor a friend without sending a gift or flowers through the mail.

If a user has Facebook their birthday, two weeks prior they'll get a prompt asking if they'd like to dedicate their day to a charitable cause.

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There are more than 750,000 nonprofits in the United States, so there’s a pretty good chance a favorite charity is a candidate for birthday giving. Setting up the fundraiser takes just a few clicks. Once the fundraiser is started, their friends will see it and can donate quickly through a 2-tap process, publicly or anonymously.

Fundraiser Tab

Users can also start a fundraiser at any time. They can click the Fundraisers tab at the top of the news feed, then click Raise Money and Nonprofit/Charity. They'll select the nonprofit for whom they'd like to raise money, pick a cover photo for the fundraiser, then fill in the details and click Create.


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The best part is, Facebook doesn’t charge any fees, so the nonprofit gets a check for the total amount raised in about two weeks.

Most nonprofits want to thank donors and fundraisers, but Facebook doesn't make that easy. There are manual ways to do it - and we can help make that easier.

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