Facebook Recent Announcements

Today, many of the largest nonprofits in the USA have partnered with GoodUnited to raise over $120M through Facebook’s giving tools and our AI Messenger solution.

November 1, 2021

Facebook must have noticed the recent trend of companies encouraging users to opt in to Messenger, only to then spam them with marketing communications. The upcoming changes to its Messenger policy will prevent companies from sending out marketing blasts beyond 24 hours after opting in, ensuring that Messenger avoids the same fate as email with its ubiquitous spam.

At GoodUnited, our purpose is to empower nonprofits to make ALL donors feel appreciated. We do this by helping nonprofits connect with donors right where they enjoy spending time—social media or, more specifically, Facebook.

As all of GoodUnited’s communications are personalized to fundraisers and donors, we will not be affected by these changes. On the contrary, we anticipate users will have even more trust in Messenger as a result of this strict no-spam policy, making our aim for 1:1 relationships with donors at scale more feasible than ever.

The other big announcement is Facebook’s $2B donation milestone, demonstrating just how much donors want to give through social media.

The more the focus of online giving shifts to social media, the greater the opportunity for nonprofits to facilitate in-channel donor communication. But in order to truly make use of this opportunity, nonprofits need a partner who has not only the technology to drive results, but the capacity to understand and successfully navigate the ever-changing policies of Facebook.

David Hessekiel, president of the Cause Marketing Forum, points out in a recent Forbes article that, “The ability to communicate directly through Facebook Messenger will likely open a lot of new doors for nonprofits that want to build deeper relationships with those who host campaigns on the social network.”

Today, many of the largest nonprofits in the USA have partnered with GoodUnited to raise over $120M through Facebook’s giving tools. And with the help of GoodUnited’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Messenger solution, nonprofits can now connect and build relationships with previously unknown donors and fundraisers, both increasing revenue and nurturing repeat donations and fundraising campaigns. The planned integration of Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger will bring the number of potential donors and fundraisers that can be interacted with up to a staggering 2.6 billion.

There’s never been a better time to raise funds online, and we here at GoodUnited are excited and grateful to have the opportunity to help nonprofits achieve and even surpass their fundraising aims.