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Automating Facebook Fundraisers

February 4, 2019
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Facebook fundraisers have been growing exponentially in popularity since their inception in 2015. In 2018, the social platform announced it had distributed $300 million in the first year of birthday fundraisers, and more than $125 million on Giving Tuesday alone.

The Whoop That Was Not Heard Around the World

With numbers like that in an era where giving is down in general, you'd think we'd all have heard a big nonprofit whoop around the world. Except that didn't happen. Actually, Facebook fundraisers took nonprofits by surprise and created a whole universe of new and complex problems and frustrations, including:

  • No dashboard
  • Incomprehensible reports
  • Inability to leverage existing IT investments such as SalesForce and MailChimp
  • Questions about issuing refunds
  • Questions about issuing tax information
  • Increased time spent on customer service
  • Increased demand on staff
  • Overwhelmed staff
  • Financial suspicion
  • Paying admin fees to Network For Good
  • Waiting months for a check
  • Questions about the security of Facebook fundraisers
  • Missed opportunities to turn one-time donors into loyal supporters
  • Loss of brand control
  • Lack of donor and fundraiser data
  • Inability to thank or nurture donors and fundraisers
  • No alert when a fundraiser starts a campaign

The complexities threatened to overwhelm staff (already stretched thin). Many gave up or actively discouraged donors from giving through Facebook.

For those of you who have worked at higher levels in a for-profit organization (or in healthcare IT), this problem sounds a lot like the problems caused by cybersecurity and ever-growing government regulations: The world changes ahead of what the business is able to keep up with. However, giving up isn't an option.

In the for-profit world many organizations rely on managed services to bridge the gap between existing staff and staff skill sets and the high-level skill sets required on a limited basis. Usually, the managed service assigns an expert member of their staff to become part of the client's team on a fractional basis. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure the managed service expert hits specific goals.

When GoodUnited saw nonprofits struggling under the new and unexpected burdens of Facebook's new giving tools, we identified the need for a managed service offering in the nonprofit space (which happens to be our specialty).

How Managed Services for Facebook Fundraisers WorkGoodUnited Managed Services for Facebook Fundraisers helps nonprofits leverage the power of Facebook Fundraisers without adding to staff workload. We help nonprofits:

  • Gather more emails
  • Increase revenue
  • Keep fundraisers engaged
  • Thank 100% of fundraisers
  • Upload formatted data to your CRM
  • Turn information into insights and professional reports

We do this by creating a customized toolkits for your fundraisers that are delivered through Messenger, and assigning a real human with Facebook fundraiser expertise to your team.  This combination helps you turn Facebook's murky transaction reports into actionable data, thank and encourage fundraisers, and thank and nurture donors. On average, we help nonprofits:

  • Gather 74% more emails for their CRMs
  • Increase fundraiser success rate by 24%
  • Encourage 94% of fundraisers to fundraise again

Managed Services for Facebook fundraisers allow you to essentially automate Facebook fundraiser management - with the peace of mind that you're acknowledging those who give and fundraise. 

Want to see it in action? Request a demo. We'll be happy to show you how it works and answer any questions.

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