Reporting + Integrations

Drive More Revenue with Your Data.

Get the most of your subscriber data with GoodUnited's reporting dashboard and RESTful API.
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Actionable data at your fingertips.

Building conversational messaging journeys is only the start of what you can do with GoodUnited.

Leverage your subscriber data to unlock the next level of value for your nonprofit’s fundraising efforts.

Reveal Actionable Insights

Take the guesswork out of your social media fundraising. Let your subscriber data work with you so you know what's working and what to do next.
REporting and analytics
  • Subscriber insights, revenue attribution, and messaging performance on a unified dashboard.
  • Cleaned, reconciled, de-duplicated and well-structured data - not unformatted transaction reports

Connect GoodUnited to Your Customer Data Platforms

Gain visibility into your multi-channel fundraising efforts by connecting GoodUnited insights to your internal data system of choice.
  • Real-time data syncs to your customer platforms
  • Enrich existing supporter information
  • Flexible and scalable APIs to build new integrations
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“GoodUnited has also made it possible for us to see our Facebook data in a more meaningful way, and extract data to better inform us about our community on Facebook so we can better serve them.”

Tyler H.
Annual Giving Officer
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It's time to let your subscriber data work for you.