Increase Donations by Coaching Participants Where They Spend Time

Once your participants leverage the Facebook integration, use our unique combination of data science and human judgement to message them in channel to exceed their goal.

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Increase Facebook Donations with Messenger

Increase Facebook Fundraiser Donations Through Messenger

Online fundraising is hard. Use our proven in-channel fundraising strategies to coach your Facebook fundraisers to hit their fundraising goals.  

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The service has paid for itself every single month.
Michelle Mueller
Wounded Warrior Project

10x the Open and Engagement Rates

Donors aren’t engaging in email, but they will in social. Our blend of data science and human judgement allows you to create personal and conversational messaging experiences that reach your donors and drive results. 

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I’m so glad we’ve been able to work with GoodUnited. They took the time to understand the nuances of our organization and mission, and have constantly checked in for feedback to make sure they’re doing everything they can to support us. They’re always willing to try out new ideas to maximize the value we get from their work. They aren’t just providing a fixed service -- they’re true partners in the process.
Amanda Frazier
Senior Manager Strategic Marketing, LLS
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Minimize Zero Dollar Fundraisers

Over half of fundraisers never raise a single dollar. Decrease zero dollar fundraisers by working with our team of experts to create personal and meaningful messaging experiences.

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We now have the ability to make Facebook a reliable, ongoing fundraising channel.
Brian Kinsella
CEO, Stop Soldier Suicide

Connect with your fundraisers and donors

Want to know who your donors are and what they care about? We’ve got you covered. Create messaging experiences that prompts donors to share the info you need to keep in touch and to truly understand what they care about

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GoodUnited has mastered the ability to foster the 1:1 connection that people value from organizations they support. With GoodUnited's solution, we get to understand our supporters in an intimate way that we couldn't otherwise.
Cory Walton
Director of Marketing, Stop Soldier Suicide
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How We Raise Your Relationships

We meet you where you are to transform how you can understand your supporters over social media.

We create experiences that inspire individuals and their peers to give their time, attention and money to your organization, repeatedly.

We grow relationships with supporters over social media, so you can grow the next generation of fundraisers.

Ongoing Cultivation

Understand how your fundraisers want to stay involved once their campaign is over and provide opportunities to get them to take action.

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We’ve helped our partners raise over $500,000,000 on social media,
and we’re just getting started.