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If your supporters voluntarily shared personal information with you, like why your mission matters to them, how would that change the way you interact? When you create exceptional experiences on social media and unlock 1:1 relationships, you can connect your mission to supporters in ways unique to their fundraising story, at scale. This is the future of fundraising.

Facebook Fundraising Example
Facebook Fundraising Example

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Future Proof Your Non-Profit

Social media empowers you to build meaningful 1:1 ongoing relationships with every supporter, at a level typically reserved for your highest dollar donors. Did you know? The average individual donates more to causes over the course of their lifetime than one major gift donor.

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Going into 2020, we were planning over 2,000 events, with over $300M in anticipated revenue from those events alone. It was to be a significant year of stability and getting our growth going in several areas. Then, Covid hit.
Dan Thorpe
National Vice President, Relay for Life

Encourage opportunities to give again, in-channel.

Our data proves it: Once an individual gives on social media, you are more likely to keep them engaged by building a relationship with them in-channel. That means communicating in-channel, making invitations in-channel, getting to know them in-channel.

A great example?  Increase retention by prompting birthday fundraisers and event participation to drive repeat giving and cultivate deeper connection with your cause.

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GoodUnited enables organizations to build relationships with current fundraisers and steward them to becoming lifelong fundraisers. We had millions of followers, but until GoodUnited we weren’t able to cultivate relationships with them. GoodUnited helps us turn our followers into supporters.
Nonprofit Marketer
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Actionable data science insights

You can customize how you engage with your supporters using our dashboard. Plus, our combination of data science and human judgement separates the signal from the noise, so you can prioritize who needs your attention today.

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GoodUnited has mastered the ability to foster the 1:1 connection that people value from organizations they support. With GoodUnited's solution, we get to understand our supporters in an intimate way that we couldn't otherwise.
Cory Walton
Director of Marketing, Stop Soldier Suicide

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