Shattering Campaign Goals & Glass Ceilings

30x their initial revenue projection and an engaged community of passionate supporters.
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The Trevor Project completed their first Challenge with GoodUnited in an effort to build better relationships with their supporters on social media. The result? 30x their initial revenue projection and an engaged community of passionate supporters.
Not only is Facebook revenue steady, but it’s growing. And that’s without any levers being pulled. What happens if we provide people with the opportunity to give?
Duyen Spigelman
Senior Philanthropy Manager, Digital

The Campaign Challenge

The Trevor Project recognizes that each of their supporters is unique and crucial to their mission. Supporters were already raising funds organically through Facebook, but The Trevor Project was looking for a way to engage with their donors more meaningfully in this space.Trevor wanted their approach to social fundraising to reflect their values of inclusivity, appreciation, and with a focus on relationship building and centering the LGBTQ community.

Ultimately, The Trevor Project was seeking three things:
To connect with fundraisers, celebrate them, and provide them with resources
To proactively provide a space for supporters to give and engage with the cause and one another
To draw new donors into the community and build lifelong relationships
If this community didn’t raise a dime, but they had this camaraderie and connection, that has value in itself
Duyen Spigelman
Senior Philanthropy Manager, Digital

The Campaign Approach

The Trevor Project partnered with GoodUnited to host a 50-Mile Walk/Run Challenge on Facebook—a virtual month-long event that encourages participants to fundraise through activity logging, support/tips, milestones, and Group conversations.

It took only three days to surpass the event’s fundraising goal. Trevor upped their ad budget, increasing new participants and donations.

Most importantly, participants spontaneously shared their stories, deepening community connections and support for LGBTQ youth—exactly what The Trevor Project had hoped to see when they piloted the Challenge.

We tried something new and it took off beyond our wildest imagination… Our first Challenge with GoodUnited outperformed all of our expectations.

30x Initial Revenue Projections

The 50-Mile Challenge raised an incredible amount of money to support a number of initiatives within the organization, including their advocacy work, research, and growth of staff to better support the mission overall.

In fact, its success started a new conversation: how The Trevor 
Project can engage and retain their new community of fundraisers.

The organization harnessed the momentum and immediately began their second Challenge on Facebook: a 51-Mile Pride Ride Challenge. At the time of this study, The Trevor Project had already surpassed $1.5M in revenue, 53k leads, 41k donations, and 32k group members.

About The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and mental health organization 
for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) young people. The organization works to provide life-saving services including their flagship life line—24/7 crisis counseling via phone, text, and chat — as well as:

TrevorSpace - an affirming, international social platform for LGBTQ young people that provides a safe space online for young people to explore their identity, get support and connect.

Advocacy - at the community, city, state, and federal levels for policies and laws that protect LGBTQ youth.

Innovative - intersectional research of the unique suicide risk factors faced by into LGBTQ youth and the ecosystems that harm and support them.

Resources - such as the National Mental Health Survey, the largest annual survey of LGBTQ young people, and educational materials for schools and companies regarding issues affecting LGBTQ youth and their allies.