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Click-through rate for Recurring Notifications
Raised in donations via Messenger
Fundraisers coached with Messenger
The Susan G. Komen foundation doubled its click-through rate and page reach and raised $2 million and added an automated messaging experience using the Messenger API.
Messenger allows us to have one-on-one relationships with supporters since we can reply to messages. We aren’t just broadcasting one way.
Melody Boatwright
Vice President of Integrated Marketing

Susan G. Koman had 2 goals:

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Broaden their reach in the online community, personalize two-way communication, and increase fundraising.
Two-way communication
We have this amazing opportunity to get to know our supporters, tailor our messages to them personally, express our gratitude, and keep them informed through Recurring Notifications.”
Melody Boatwright
Vice President of Integrated Marketing

Helping people live better and longer

Susan G. Komen has a robust, dedicated social community, with over 2 million followers on Facebook. Members provide practical and emotional support for one another and raise funds for additional research as well as individuals who need help.

Since 2018, Komen has used Messenger to communicate with its supporters about breast health, resources and services, as well as volunteer and fundraising opportunities. “We want to help people live better and longer lives,” says Melody Boatwright, Vice President of Integrated Marketing at Komen. “And we want them to understand where they can go for help if they need it and how to help if they can.”

When Komen’s fundraising met challenges in connecting with the right audiences, the foundation adopted Messenger as a way to communicate and connect in a more personalized way with its community. They partnered with GoodUnited, an organization that empowers nonprofits to have a one-on-one relationship with every supporter. The core service offering, Appreciate and Coach, is a turnkey solution that allows Komen to personally thank every supporter on Facebook who creates a birthday, honor, or memoriam fundraiser on its behalf. The core service offering initiates fundraising for various causes by acknowledging birthdays, then coaches people through a Messenger experience with resources, tips and tricks, various calls to action, and ultimately to a relationship with an organization.

To further raise support and funds with GoodUnited, they launched “A Challenge on Facebook.” These challenges involve people joining a Facebook group for a month at a time and doing exercises or physical challenges together each day and using Messenger to keep in touch with each other during that period. GoodUnited builds and executes paid advertising campaigns on Komen’s behalf to build group memberships, and once people register, Komen asks if they want to maintain contact by signing up for Recurring Notifications on Messenger, thus building a base of support for future challenges and birthday fundraisers throughout the year. At the same time, they ask new members if and how they’d like to participate in other ways, such as through advocacy, volunteering, or attending a Komen event. Answers to these questions help Komen get to know community members better and to communicate with them more personally and effectively.

We're driving far more supporter engagement inside the Facebook fundraising experience by urging specific calls to action based on their Messenger journey.
Ben Jones
Director of Optimization

An engaged online community

With GoodUnited’s help, Komen’s click-through rate and page reach doubled, helping the foundation raise $2 million.

  • 2x click-through rate for Recurring Notifications
  • $2 million raised in donations via Messenger
  • 37.2 thousand fundraisers coached

Susan G. Komen

A mission to save lives. Susan G. Komen is one of the only organizations that addresses breast cancer on multiple fronts: research, community health, global outreach, and public policy initiatives. For the last 40 years, Komen has provided more than $1 billion in funding for researchers working to end this disease. Through research grants, scientists have been able to better understand breast cancer and develop better treatments, saving more lives.