How to tap the fundraising potential of Facebook pages

To tap the potential of Facebook page fundraisers, consider the brands, businesses, and even celebrities who might be willing to help you raise money.

September 2, 2022

Facebook recently released new functionality for their charitable giving tools that allow businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, and other organizations besides individual and nonprofits to create a fundraiser. The difference between a “page” and an individual account is that pages don’t gain “friends.” Instead, they allow “fans” to like and follow an organization's public feed.

This is a big deal for nonprofits. If individual fundraisers have a megaphone on social media, businesses, celebrities, brands, and other organizations have a loudspeaker to a wider audience that can promote and help your nonprofit. In fact, Lady Gaga, who has more than 55 million Facebook followers, set a goal of raising $32,000 for her birthday for her Born This Way Foundation. More than two thousand people donated and 28,000 people shared the fundraiser on their own pages. She raised $68,000.

Here’s how it works:

  • When a page owner creates a fundraiser, the fans who have recently interacted with their page will get a message.
  • Page owners can leverage photos and videos in the fundraiser to motivate the audience and give progress updates.
  • If the fundraiser hits the first milestone and the page owner believes there is a potential to exceed the goal, they can increase the goal amount.

To tap the potential of Facebook page fundraisers, consider the brands, businesses, and even celebrities who might be willing to help you raise money for your cause.

Local Businesses

For example: Local businesses often hold annual events where they donate a portion of sales to a nonprofit that has meaning for them or the community. Launching a fundraiser on their Facebook page concurrently with their event allows people to give even if they can't make it to the on-site activity. 


Is there a large brand that supports or intersects with your organization? For example, a nonprofit surf camp for childhood cancer survivors and a large brand in the surfing gear market could team up for a much wider reach.


Celebrities, or anyone with a large social media following and a Facebook business page, can also increase your reach. In this case, a celebrity doesn't have to be a Hollywood A-lister - though that certainly doesn't hurt.

Pro Tips:
  • Encourage the page owner to generate excitement by interacting with their followers on the page during the fundraiser.
  • Ask the page owner to create a video, or use live video, to explain why your cause is important to them.
  • Encourage sharing.
  • Provide milestone updates.

It's possible that the brands, celebrities, or businesses that could be a springboard for a successful Facebook fundraising campaign don't know about this functionality. Don't be afraid to reach out and suggest some teamwork.