Sharing Your Unique Facebook Fundraiser URL

August 26, 2022

When Facebook first rolled out their giving tools a couple of years ago, the best nonprofits could do was wait and hope that their community would start fundraisers on their behalf on their birthdays or to commemorate a loved one.

Now Facebook has assigned each "on-boarded" nonprofit a unique URL that can be shared with supporters in email marketing, Facebook posts, and other social media channels. When users click the link they'll be taken to the fundraiser creation page for your nonprofit.

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To be considered "on-boarded" you must have signed up for Facebook payments and been approved.

Using the URL to Generate More Fundraisers

Strategically using your unique URL could generate significantly more fundraisers for your organization. Consider these options:

Boost Activity on Down Months

If you have your own cyclical data on the natural rise and fall patterns of Facebook fundraisers for your organization, identify months with lower activity and send an email blast to your community asking them to start a fundraiser for you.

If you don't have your own data, you can use ours to see average high and low months.

Super Charge Months with High Activity

August, September and October tend to be high activity months for Facebook fundraisers. You may want to time your email blast or social media campaigns to align with the times people are naturally inclined to give more.

Lift Your Annual Campaign

Share your unique URL in annual campaign communications. Let your community know your organization loves Facebook fundraisers, tell them how they help you, and ask them to start a fundraiser for you by clicking the link.

As an Option with Thank You Emails

You can also share the link in thank you emails when someone has donated. Let them know they can have even more of an impact by involving their own social community in fundraising for you.

In Regular Communications

Anytime you communicate electronically with your donors, share your link and invite the recipient to start a fundraiser for you. You can embed your URL in the footer of emails, email signatures, and the footers of your electronic newsletters.

If you are a registered nonprofit with Facebook fundraising tools, your unique URL can be a powerful tool. Sharing your URL regularly and at targeted times of the year can have a big impact on revenue and Facebook fundraiser activity.