How Nonprofits Can Use LinkedIn to Tap Into Generosity

LinkedIn for Nonprofit East Coast Manager Grace Rochford Everitt outlines 3 key ways that nonprofits can leverage LinkedIn to drive growth.

Grace Rochford Everitt
May 5, 2023

With more than 900 million global members, LinkedIn is a platform that offers countless opportunities for nonprofits to make the connections they need to achieve their fundraising goals. LinkedIn members are 56% more likely to donate to nonprofits than the average internet user, and 75% of active users in the U.S. say they donate at least once per quarter. But how can you tap into this generosity — and connect with the decision makers you need to reach?

There are lots of different ways nonprofits can use LinkedIn to support their fundraising efforts. So, whether your team already has a LinkedIn strategy or you’re new to the platform, here are three steps you can take to elevate your donor cultivation efforts on LinkedIn.

1. Make your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page work for you

Before you can fundraise effectively on LinkedIn, it’s critical to establish a compelling and credible presence for your organization on the platform. After all, if people haven’t heard of your nonprofit when you reach out, you want to make it easy for them to research you — and leave them with a great impression. 

Creating a free LinkedIn Page for your nonprofit is the best way to establish that trusted presence. In the LinkedIn for Nonprofits Resource Hub, you’ll find step-by-step guides to help you build your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page, as well as tips for enhancing it. Be sure to add your organization’s logo, a clear and concise description of its mission, and a link to its website, and don’t forget to list it as your employer on your own LinkedIn profile.

2. Be proactive about reaching out to potential donors

Have you ever wished that you could connect with small businesses in your area that might want to give back to the community? What about corporate responsibility leaders at major corporations? The decision makers at those companies are on LinkedIn, along with millions of other professionals who may be interested in making a donation to your nonprofit or introducing you to someone you want to reach. The key is knowing how to find them — and get their attention. 

Many nonprofits use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to make powerful connections at scale, leveraging the solution’s advanced search capabilities to rapidly identify the right people to reach out to and send personalized messages. LinkedIn for Nonprofits offers Sales Navigator at a deep discount for eligible nonprofits, with an online version also available for individuals on smaller teams.

3. Post content that builds interest and drives action

While some people will give to your organization right away, others need a few nudges before they’re ready to take that step. Regularly posting high-quality content from your nonprofit’s LinkedIn Page is a great way to keep your organization on supporters’ minds, educating them about your work and growing their interest over time. 

The LinkedIn for Nonprofits Resource Hub includes tips for using content to support your fundraising strategy. You’ll also find an overview of the different types of content you can post on LinkedIn, along with best practices for building a successful content strategy

These tactics can help your organization fundraise on LinkedIn — but that’s not the only thing that you can use the platform for. From attracting new volunteers to hiring employees with the skills your nonprofit needs to thrive, get more from LinkedIn by exploring everything that the LinkedIn for Nonprofits Resource Hub has to offer.

About the Author
LinkedIn for Nonprofit East Coast Manager Grace Rochford Everitt

As LinkedIn for Nonprofits’ East Coast manager, Grace Rochford Everitt helps NPOs achieve greater mission-level success by mapping and mobilizing their collective network. She is passionate about the intersection of technology and social impact, data for good, arts education, and creating economic opportunity, and looks forward to working with LinkedIn members to create change within the community.

Prior to joining LinkedIn, Grace worked at the YMCA of Greater New York in both program and operations. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking (and eating), strolling the streets of Brooklyn, and hosting dinner parties.