We help nonprofits increase Facebook fundraiser donations, emails and retention without lifting a finger

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Give nonprofits the power to make every fundraiser and donor feel appreciated

Our Promise

Our Promise

We have a heart to serve. A call to lead. And the courage to engage the toughest challenges.

Our Vibe

Our Vibe

At GoodUnited, we err to be great. We dream big ideas, and then do it – together -- every damn day reinventing what’s possible.

Founded 2015

Founded in 2015

Founded on a dining room table, GoodUnited now pioneers breakthroughs in Facebook fundraiser management. Don’t worry, we haven’t gotten rid of the table.


Delighted Fundraisers: 10,000+

96% of fundraisers managed by GoodUnited say they’d like to do a fundraiser again. This is our ”North Star”, isn’t it yours?

Managed Service

Managed Fundraisers: 10,000+

GoodUnited serves billion dollar philanthropic organizations and start ups a like. We learn from each fundraiser. We take those learnings and get better every day.


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Nick BlackCEO/Founder


Adversity Nick’s Overcome: I spent two years transforming my body to become an Army Ranger. To earn a slot, I needed to pass “pre-Ranger”. A grueling three month test. I was one of 8 men left standing from the original 60. We had one test left. I failed pull ups. I did 9 instead of 12. I didn’t earn a slot at Ranger School. I went to war instead. After 15 months, I got my shot. I went straight through Ranger School and earned my “tab”. RLTW!

The Time Nick Thought Outside of the Box and Hacked a System: When deployed to Afghanistan, we couldn’t get information into and out of a valley. It was too dangerous. Each village in the valley had their own rules and didn’t get along. We realized that there was one barber for the entire area. The barber could go anywhere. We influenced the barber and now had access to a once impenetrable area.

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Jeremy BermanPresident/Founder


Jeremy's Biggest Failure: In 2009 I spent 4 months volunteering in Cape Town, South Africa at a poverty stricken pre-school. I signed up to use surfing as a catalyst to help at-risk children succeed in and out of the classroom. However, that all quickly changed upon my arrival. The school ran out of funding and my job as a teacher and mentor transformed into a fundraiser.

Without any fundraising experience, I stumbled my way around trying to raise money and navigate South African politics. Ultimately, I wasn’t able to hit my goal.

However, I left South Africa with a new found purpose - to take my passion for technology and philanthropy and create a better way to cultivate and retain donors.

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