Revenue Driving Messaging Journeys.

Conversational messaging helps nonprofits see 110x more engagement over other communication channels.
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Messaging that drives predictable leads and revenue.

Move fast with pre-built messaging journeys that are proven to drive engagement and revenue.

Coach first time fundraisers, re-engage repeat supporters throughout the year, or provide opportunities to give for tentpole events.

It’s all there for you, ready to go.
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Adios, Robotic Interactions

Leverage 20+ message journey templates that save time, maximize engagement, and drive attributable revenue.

Focus on building relationships through conversational messaging journeys rooted in quantified success.
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the Results of Your Efforts

Effortlessly track metrics related to journey and message engagement (Open Rate, CTR, Subscriber) and how it directly connects to your revenue growth.

Less Work,
High-Powered Results

Take advantage of seven years of fine tuning conversational messaging from the jump.

Minimize administration and setup time and let your team focus on what matters - building relationships and driving repeatable revenue in-channel.
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Action Lead-in
Action Lead-in
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Repeat Action
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Birthday Fundraiser Lead-In

Avg. Outcome:
Encourage supporters to proactively create a fundraiser to celebrate their birthday.
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GoodUnited’s marketing automation platform is a modern, decision based approach to traditional linear e-mail journeys. It’s grown on me to the point where we’re looking at adopting this approach in non-social channels to better steward constituents who may be engaging through the full diversity of our tech stack.

It’s an evolving blueprint on how to understand, and be more responsive to, our supporters who rarely (if ever) map to a single donor profile.

Glen Peck
SVP, Technology & Business Intelligence
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