90% Net New Leads.

Turn anonymous social followers into named subscribers - enabling you to supercharge new and existing fundraising channels.
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Convert Followers and Supporters into Subscribers

Nonprofits have struggled to find a way to convert their social following into named supporters. There hasn’t been a solution for this problem… until now.

Similar to the many ways you acquire email addresses, GoodUnited empowers your nonprofit to take those same strategies and tap into a network that knows no geographical limitations - social media.
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Supercharge Your Subscriber Base

Provide in-message links that focus on converting new and existing supporters into Messenger subscribers.

Add up to 90% net new leads while enriching your house file data to help fuel your entire fundraising portfolio.
  • Capture data to uniquely identify and follow-up in-channel
  • Turn anonymous Followers into named Subscribers
  • Create a contact list for a nonprofits most valuable supporters

Quantify Your Efforts

Access real-time subscriber acquisition stats, including revenue attribution, that validate your teams social media fundraising efforts.

High-level summaries provide clarity and actionable insights.
  • Real Time Dashboard
  • Track Subscriber Growth
  • Quantify Subscriber Trends
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Nearly 5% of my annual revenue was coming from Facebook and I had zero insight into what was actually going on there. Even with 3-4k active fundraising campaigns at any given time, we had no reporting capability, no way to organize it, and no way to interact with the fundraisers. GoodUnited changed that almost overnight and helped us take control.”

Geoff DeLizzio
Chief Development Officer
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It's time to start building a repeatable lead engine for all your fundraising channels.