Connect With Your Donors in Meaningful Ways

Your donors are spending time on social media. Our technology helps connect with your donors in-channel, in ways they’ll appreciate and remember.

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Our Partners See Results

New Supporters
and Fundraisers
Open Rates in Messenger
(vs <15% in email)
Click-Through Rate
Increase Executive Donor Revenue

Build a New Revenue Stream With Real Growth Potential

Leverage the power of social media to build a new, sustainable revenue stream. Connect with your supporters in-channel and drive them to take action by creating personal and meaningful conversational messaging experiences.

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Before GoodUnited, it was a wonderful new revenue stream that we appreciated, but we didn’t have systems in place to handle it... There was no way to identify, thank, or cultivate any of these fundraisers. We got their money and that was it.
Amanda Frazier
Senior Manager Strategic Marketing, LLS

Amplify Existing Programs

Supporters only want to engage with what matters to them. Find out what they care about so you can let them become a sustainer, volunteer, or even an ambassador. 

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We were thrilled for the chance to work with GoodUnited. They enable us to reach fundraisers at scale and post thank-yous on every fundraiser page so donors and fundraisers alike see that we were grateful for their efforts.
Michelle Mueller
Wounded Warrior Project
Thank You Marketing Donor Solutions
Increase Donor Engagement

10x the Open and Engagement Rates

Donors aren’t in your inbox, they’re on social. Our blend of data science and human judgement allows us to create personal and conversational messaging experiences that reach your donors and drive results.

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Going into 2020, we were planning over 2,000 events, with over $300M in anticipated revenue from those events alone. It was to be a significant year of stability and getting our growth going in several areas. Then, Covid hit.
Dan Thorpe
National Vice President, Relay for Life

Take A Seat At The Table

Determining the ROI of social followers isn’t easy. Prove that your followers are donors and inspire further action when you connect with them using 1:1 messaging.

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With GoodUnited, we can scale quicker than we could on our own. Through Messenger, we can automatically communicate and keep conversations going, filling in the data that Facebook isn’t giving us. GoodUnited has taken a huge amount of that burden off of our plate.
Casey Dell Otto
Digital Fundraising Manager, ALSA
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How We Raise Your Relationships

We meet you where you are to transform how you can understand your supporters over social media.

We create experiences that inspire individuals and their peers to give their time, attention and money to your organization, repeatedly.

We grow relationships with supporters over social media, so you can grow the next generation of fundraisers.

Our partners have raised $1,000,000,000 on Facebook.

GoodUnited helped them raise over $500,000,000,
and we’re just getting started.