Make Social Media Your Best Supporter Cultivation Channel

GoodUnited provides data science and human judgment so you can understand, inspire and grow relationships with supporters on social media, at scale. We’re constantly pushing the future of social fundraising forward to make social media your best donor cultivation channel.

Executive Fundraising Donor Solutions

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Know your Donors on Facebook

Develop an In-Channel Social Media Strategy Tailored to Achieve Your Organization’s Goals

Our social fundraising solution starts by understanding your nonprofit's unique mission, so that together we can understand who your supporters are and why they care about your cause. As algorithms make it harder to reach and engage your supporters, our experts will partner with you to develop strategies to connect with followers through conversational messaging

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We were thrilled for the chance to work with GoodUnited. They enable us to reach fundraisers at scale and post thank-yous on every fundraiser page so donors and fundraisers alike see that we were grateful for their efforts.
Michelle Mueller
Wounded Warrior Project

Create Experiences that inspire supporters and their peers to give their time, attention and money, repeatedly.

Make every supporter feel heard and appreciated to connect your cause. You can build personalized relationships over social media, at scale. Our experts partner with you to optimize these supporter experiences to cultivate long-term supporter relationships.

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GoodUnited has mastered the ability to foster the 1:1 connection that people value from organizations they support. With GoodUnited's solution, we get to understand our supporters in an intimate way that we couldn't otherwise.
Cory Walton
Director of Marketing, Stop Soldier Suicide
Peer To Peer Brand Effectiveness
Peer To Peer Brand Effectiveness
Increase Executive Donor Revenue

Build a New Revenue Stream With Real Growth Potential

Leverage the power of social media to build a new, sustainable revenue stream. Connect with your supporters in-channel and drive them to take action by creating personal and meaningful conversational messaging experiences.

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The service has paid for itself every single month.
Michelle Mueller
Wounded Warrior Project

Reduce Staff Time

Answering the same question over and over sucks up valuable time. We can help you automatically engage with your supporters in real-time to give them the information they need.

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Going into 2020, we were planning over 2,000 events, with over $300M in anticipated revenue from those events alone. It was to be a significant year of stability and getting our growth going in several areas. Then, Covid hit.
Dan Thorpe
National Vice President, Relay for Life
Automate Fundraising Donor Communication

How We Help Your Nonprofit Grow

We meet you where you are to transform how you can understand your supporters over social media.

Engage every supporter in-channel with a personalized, relevant giving experience throughout the entire year.

Leverage key data points and insights to understand the best ways to encourage repeat giving in social channels.

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