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Your library for social media fundraising trends and best practices.

The Complete Guide for Nonprofits

In this ebook, we’ll show you how to apply, set up, and utilize these tools to grow your organization’s reach and impact while taking control of your new lead and revenue stream.
Setting up FB giving tools Vol. 1
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The Complete Facebook Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits eBook

Facebook Fundraising 101

You can reach and engage more supporters than ever before—and you can turn more of those supporters into long-term donors by accepting donations directly in the platforms themselves.
Setting up FB giving tools Vol. 2
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Facebook Fundraising 101 eBook

What, Why, and How for Nonprofits

What are Challenges on Facebook? Why should you incorporate Challenges into your digital nonprofit strategy? How do you get it right? Here’s everything you need to know.
Challenges on Facebook
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Book Cover of Challenges on Facebook


This playbook is designed to help give you an in-depth understanding of the process behind the planning, launching, and optimization of your Facebook Birthday Fundraiser campaign.
Facebook birthday
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